Bedroom Eyes 36: The End

We sat in the kitchen around the table, Maires and I in dressing gowns., Stephanie/Scallop in my biggest shirt and her knickers. I’d made a Thai-ish meal with red curry mix plus extra chilli, pork, beans and pineapple, rice and a side-dish of muchrooms and capsicum.

The three of us had eaten with my three housemates. They’d eaten, drunk wine and conversed during the meal but they’d left soon after. From their perspective, the three of us were new lovers and we should be given space and time. They were good people.

Stephanie was facing Maires and me across the table while we’d eaten, but now she came over, and lay facedown over Maires’s lap and mine. I pulled her knickers down and smacked her bottom, but not too loudly. Maires joined in, helpfully since it had to be done. Still, we kept it quiet: my housemates were also likely to produce under0-dressed lovers from their bedroom from time to time, but it was still common space.

Eventually, I told Stephanie to pull her shirt down and turn over onto her back. Maires and I sipped Shiraz and stroked Stephanie’s tummy and breasts, with no need to talk. We were a happy family.

But Stephanie said, “I should be naked rnow, shouldn’t I?”

“Well, yes.” I leaned down and kissed her. “But this isn’t a party. Party rules don’t apply. There are other people. I’ll buy you a dressing gown.”

“No! I mean: please no, Master. If I needed a dressing gown I’d buy it. But I’m saying something else. Your bed is too small for the three of us, isn’t it? I mean for everyday. It’s fine when we’re having sexy good times but if we just want to sleep together we need a king-sized bed. Don’t we?”

Maires said, “Yes, my little love, that’d be great. But I’ve measured. We can’t really fit a king-sized bed in our room. Not without it being awkward to walk round.”

Stephanie touched my face, then Maires’s.

“Darlings. My loves. I want to be naked when I leave our bedroom and go to the loo. Or the kitchen. I want to be naked around the house when I’ve got cane marks across my bum. For that matter, Mistress, I want you to be naked after Master’s caned you. You’ve got a hot ass, my mistress-love. And I want to be able to turn over in bed or go to the loo without being worried about disturbing you.”

“You don’t disturb us,” I said. “We’re just a pile of sleeping mammals. We fart, we move, we snore, we mutter, we turn over. We don’t really wake up.”

“But if I’m in the middle, I’ve got to climb over one of you to get to the loo. That wakes you. I always feel bad.”

Maires and I looked at each other. Maires was frowning, worried. Stephanie was a new wonder in our life, and she didn’t want her unhappy.

I said, “Scallop? What are you saying?”

“I’d like to live with you two. They say menages never last, but I don’t care. I’ll love it as long as it lasts, and maybe, anyway, we’ll all stay loving each other and stay together.”

Maires leant down and sucked then bit Stephanie’s nipple. “I hope so, little love.” Stephanie sighed and her tummy rippled.

I put my hand on Stephanie’s pussy and stroked her gently while Maires nuzzled and bit her breasts lovingly. “I love you, Scallop. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it.”

She snorted derisively. I’d said so many times. “I love you too. I love you two. But we can’t live here. Not live the way we should be living. We need to get a new place, just the three of us.”

“OK.” I frowned. “We’ll try to get a bigger bed. And I’ll explain to the housemates, they’ll be cool.”

Maires put her hand over my mouth, something she sometimes did when I’d said something stupid. She kissed Stephanie’s mouth, then lifted her head to look down at her.

“You’re right, little love. We look at the accommodation ads in the papers from now to Saturday. On Saturday we go to some inspections. And we’ll talk to some real estate agents.”

Stephanie said, “Kinky threesome seeks one-bedroom house?”

Maires smacked Stephanie’s thigh. “They don’t need to know how weird we are. It should be a three-bedroom house anyway. Guest room. And we need a sex room.”

I looked at her, surprised. “A sex room?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Oh. All right. Actually that sounds good . All right, Scallop, we go looking for a place you can live in and love, and have both your master and your mistress on … on tap, I suppose. You can get sex, love, direction and discipline, twenty-four seven, no waiting.”

Stephanie’s face lit up. “Oh yes, there’s waiting. I can’t wait. I’d move there tomorrow.”

Maires started to talk about rental prices. Stephanie took her hand and pressed it next to mine, which still explored and stroked her cunt. Maires looked at me. Her look meant, “This stuff Stephanie’s saying: what have we here and what do you think about it?”

I said, “I think it’s time for us to go back to bed now. Or we will give the housemates something, ah, active and depraved in the kitchen, that they’d have to walk around when they make cups of tea.”

Stephanie rolled off me and knelt between my legs, to kiss my cock under my dressing gown. I stroked her head but stood while I could, or could discreetly. It seemed we’d all just agreed to change, and join, our lives. I was surprised by how little doubt I felt. And no fear. We joined hands and walked, three abreast, back to Maires and my now inadequate room.

[The end, for now]

Bedroom Eyes 35

I rolled over and kissed Scallop’s pussy. Then I put my tongue against her lips, warm and wet and woman-pungent, and she gasped. I smacked her bottom for that, but fondly. I raised my head to look at her. She looked back, surprised: had I stopped being cruel?

I said, “Scallop, you still can’t speak, but you can make noises now.”

She lowered her head and made an assenting grunt. I kissed her pussy again, then spread her thighs and began licking, with two fingers inserted inside her.She undulated against me, sighing.

Maires had got to her knees, and was kissing and biting Scallop’s nipples, occasionally moving up to kiss her mouth. I sped up, mouth and nose pressed into Scallop’s wet and moving mango, and she moaned as if she was in great and wonderful pain. She reached down and stroked my hair, then pressed her hand down on my head. I could have punished her for assuming she could use force on me, but just then it didn’t matter. Her thighs clamped tight on my face while I tongued her hard and fast, and her body tensed. Her orgasm was a soft, bird sound, a dove’s coo.

She lay back, gasping, but Maires was determined she’d get no rest. She straddled Scallop, her thighs on Scallop’s shouders, with her pussy just above Scallop’s mouth. It was clear what Maires wanted. Scallop complied, lifting her face and giving her Mistress service.

I said, “Good girl. Good girls.”

I watched for a moment, looking up at Scallop’s breasts in motion while Scallop started her new task, and at Maires’s arse, also in motion, fucking Scallop’s face. Then I buried my face back in Scallop’s cunt, making her gasp. Somehow, that gasp made Maires tense and grunt at the same moment.

I thrust three fingers inside Scallop, still tonguing her, and she closed her thighs on my face again. Maires sobbed suddenly. Scallop’s response to my hand and mouth had made her service more intense.

Maires’s arse was in dramatic motion, firmly pressed against Scallop’s face, riding her ruthlessly for her own pleasure. I stayed with my task, but watched Maires suddenly lift her head, staring up at the ceiling, ululating painedly and triumphantly, then fall forward, her belly on Scallop’s face. Scallop writhed, pressing herself against my mouth, until she came too, her orgasmic moan gentler, softer than Maires.

I edged my way up the bed and Scallop’s body, pressing my cock against her and then into her. She was a wet girl, tight and warm. She raised her thighs to hold me, as if she’d folded her body in two. Maires rolled off Scallop’s face, and knelt beside her, watching her being fucked, sometimes leaning down to kiss her. Scallop sighed. Then she sped up, taking me deep, and we moved together, my hands now holding her breasts hard.

We stared intently at each other, Scallop and I, then her eyes rolled back, the pupils almost disappearing. I squeezed her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, then twisted. She screamed at last, loud as Maires, and came for the third time. She lay back panting, being kissed by Maires but making little response. For now she was done.

I was still hard in her, as I hadn’t come myself, but I withdrew and climbed further up so I could put an arm round Maires and drag her down to lie with Scallop and me. We lay together, my loves at my sides, and lay still, calm and loving. Scallop kissed my armpit and put a hand on my cock.

But when she started to stroke me I shook my head and she stopped. “Scallop.”


“You’ve got back the right to speak. How do you feel?”

She looked at me. “I feel wonderful. I loved being your table. And whatever I was just then. You can do that again whenever you like.” Her voice was high, breathy.

“I don’t need your permission, love.”

“S-sorry, Master.”

I smiled, I hope reassuringly. “But I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. We will do it again, little puss.”

I smacked her belly, since her bottom was out of reach. She smiled at me. I kissed her nose, then her mouth. My cock was very aware of her. At my other side Maires shifted, her face under my arm, body curled. I looked down at her, keeping still. A tendrill of hair on her mouth moved as she breathed. She gave a sort of gentle proto-snore. She was asleep.

Bedroom Eyes 34

Scallop waited silently, in position on her hands and knees. Maires had bent herself over her back, her thighs wide apart. She reached back for my cock as I put my knees between hers, and placed the head of my cock against her asshole. I pressed forward, and entered with only an instant of muscled resistance. She was tight but also slippery; she’d lubed herself very thoroughly. 

She sighed as I pushed deeper into her. Scallop, kneeling beneath her, acting as table for this fuck, held her body tense. She stared into the carpet below her nose, knowing she’d be punished hard and long if she collapsed under our combined weights.

Maires reached back to hold my arse as I pushed into her. She expelled all her breath when I was fully inside her, my groin hard against the blazing heat of her bottom.

We held still for a long, long moment until I felt her breathe again. I withdrew a little then, and pressed forward again. Maires grunted when I was again held deep inside her and pushed back, trying to take me deeper still. Scallop, supporting both our weights, grunted at almost the same moment as Maires. She moved her left knee a little to the left to give herself a more secure base. Maires looked back at me then. She wanted something to happen to Scallop.

I decided she was right and reached for the belt and doubled it, still moving in Maires’s ass. I smacked it hard down Mairse’s right thigh, then the left, so that she sped up under me, and then swung it across Scallop’s bottom.

Scallop barely reacted to the first stroke, though it landed loud and left a bright red stripe, so I gave her five more, making her move under us wth each impact. “Scallop, you will keep yourself still.”

Scallop didn’t look back at me. She suspected that wasn’t allowed just then. She nodded emphatically, knowing she didn’t have permission to speak. I swung the belt again, this time making her gasp, then returned my attention to Maires. I reached under her’s belly and stroked her pussy, more or less in time with my cock in her ass.

Maires’s head lifted and she wailed into the air, a happy sexual squall. We sped up, pushing each other hard, with no thought for poor Scallop below us as she struggled to keep herself upright and still while our fuck became more vigorous and abandoned.

I put my hands back on Maires’s shoulders, still holding the belt, and drove faster and harder. Maires tried to look back at me again, desperation on her face. “Master, may I, may I?”

She broke off, too intensely busy with sensation to manage things like words. I didn’t have much time to decide, I knew. I’d heard that voice before from Maires, and if I didn’t give her permission she wouldn’t be able to hold off for long. I didn’t want to have to punish Maires just then, because all of this was mostly for Scallop’s benefit. So I said, “Yes, girl. For your Master. Now.”

I took up the belt again, laying six more strokes across Scallop’s bottom while Maires screamed and plunged against her back and side. I wanted Scallop to notice and appreciate the unfairness of her being whipped while Maires was getting pleasured.

I plunged three fingers into Scallop’s pussy then and stroked that spongy, engorged upper wall. She cried out then shut her mouth quickly: she was supposed to be silent but that sensation was almost too much to bear.

I knew she’d be happy but I didn’t expect that in just a few seconds she’d open her eyes and mouth wide and come too, trying to be silent like a good girl and wonderfully, musically failing. 

Being dropped very deep into submission had left her reach a state of sexual trance, and it wouldn’t have taken much to trigger that orgasm. But with her concentration scattered her left arm buckled and she fell onto her side under Maires’s and my bodies. We lay together in a pile, stroking and kissing whatever human flesh we encountered. We were loving, exhausted, happy and satisfied with each other.

Scallop knew she was in trouble for failing to be a good table for Maires and me, but for the time being that didn’t matter. Maires kissed her. I kissed her. I spanked her pussy lightly, for comfort.

Pics for a woman who may deserve the cane



If I were to cane, say, you, I’d try to look stern while I was doing it. Of course, I’d also be very turned on, and very happy with your submission and trust for my judgment.

My experience is that a lot of submissives don’t enjoy that microsecond when the cane actually lands on their bare and presented bottom or thighs. But a few seconds later they like the pain and the warmth. A few minutes later, they like the spreading warmth and delicious soreness. Later still, they love the feeling that they’re in a relationship where being caned for misbehaviour is part of life. Because they have someone in charge of them who cares about their behaviour and welfare.


Bedroom eyes 33

Stephanie/scallop stayed on her hands and knees, a muscle in her thigh trembling a little as she held herself still for Maires and I, who were eating our breakfast omelettes from the table formed by her back. Scallop was silent, since she didn’t have permission to speak. Maires and I talked about concerts. There were two coming up, one with Taylor Swift, the other with The Chemical Brothers.We could afford just one.

I wanted to see Swift, because I can see that her songs are well-written even if they’re not really aimed at me, but mainly because it was the closest I’d ever come to seeing a crowd reaction as happy and also weird as the girls in old footage who’d screamed at the Beatles. Maires wanted the Chemical Brothers, because of edge and noise and excitement. I suspected that Stephanie would probably pick Swift too, making it two to one, but just then she wasn’t allowed an opinion, let alone a vote.

Eventually we’d finished and I leaned back against the bed. “Maires, clear the plates and glasses on the floor for scallop.”

“Yes, Master.” Practical orders like that always disappointed her a little. if I’m giving her orders surely I could come up with something a bit more sexy?

I looked, significantly, at my belt on the floor, and she obeyed my boring order.

“Scallop, get up, take the dishes to the kitchen and clean them. Then come back here and resume your place. Don’t speak.”

Scallop stood, stretching lithely, then bent to pick up the plates, cutlery and glasses, and left us, closing the door behind her. Maires had been watching scallop’s body, as I had, but now we were alone she looked at me. “So what now?”

“She’s a table. Have I ever fucked you over a table?”

“Oh. Oh, I see. I love being fucked over a table. But, um, has a table ever liked being fucked on?”

“I think this table will envy us.” Maires nodded. “Lubricate yourself for me, girl.”

“Yes, Master!” That was more like a proper order. Maires crawled to the bedside table and took the lube. She squatted and inserted lube into her asshole, using two fingers to enter herself. She was always very focused on herself and her sensations when she did that. I watched her silently.

When she felt she was slippery enough she put the tube back and shut the drawer. I held out my arms. “Come here, love.”

She crawled to me then, and looked at my eyes. I kissed her. We didn’t have to speak. She dropped to take my cock, still soft, in her mouth, and sucked gently, lovingly, until I was hard. She was still serving me, her feet and back to the door, when scallop re-entered the room.

Scallop smiled at me, to tell me she was happy I was being pleasured, then dropped to her hands and knees again, just beyond Maires’s feet.

It was hard resisting the urge to tell scallop she was a good girl. Instead I said, “Maires, I’m going to fuck your ass.” Maires knew that; that announcement was for scallop’s benefit. “Bend over the table and present yourself.”

Scallop’s hands and toes clenched as she felt her mistress’s belly and breasts on her back.

I said, “Table will come under a certain amount of pounding. Table will not move, or there will be consequences.”

Scallop nodded, wisely without speaking, hearing the threat of punishment and feeling it was only right. Maires’s ass was before me, with my cock pointing at it. I got up onto my knees and waddled forward. I smacked Maires’s bottom, hard enough to echo off the walls and make her jolt.

I lined up my cock so I pressed between her buttocks. Maires reached back and spread herself for me. But there was something I couldn’t stop myself doing. I smacked Stephanie/scallop’s bottom too, then stroked between her cheeks. She was a very wet girl. She gasped at the touch, but remembered not to speak or move.

I reached for my belt and put in within reach so I could use it while I buttfucked Maires. I expected I’d want to. I smacked Stephanie/scallop’s arse again, and she looked at me. She wanted me to smile at her. I felt I shouldn’t lessen her humiliation, but I couldn’t help smiling back. She nodded, satisfied, and lowered her head to look at the carpet.

I put my hands on Maires’s shoulders, and she reached back to hold my cock and guide it into place.

Bedroom Eyes 32

Stephanie, now blessed with the slave name scallop, stood naked with her feet apart, her hands on her head. She watched, because I’d allowed it, Maires, who was both her Mistress and her sister submissive, sucking her Master’s cock.

As that Master, it felt good being in Maires’s warm, wet and busy mouth, but I’d already come in both of them, more than once, in that long and eventful evening and night. My cock was not rising to the occasion. Finally, I took a handful of Maires’s hair, pulled her head up to mine and kissed her.

She straddled my thigh then, and rubbed her wet self on me. She was a horny slavegirl, stuck with an exhausted Master.

I smiled at her, and glanced at Stephanie, only my eyes moving, not my head. She caught that and nodded: “Yes, what about her?”, her look meant.

I said, “Don’t stop, Maires. You have my permission to come on my thigh whenever you’re ready.”

She closed her eyes and worked harder. “Thank you, Master.”

I looked at Stephanie. “Scallop.”

“Yes, Master?” There was hope in her voice: she was going to be included at last!

“I want you to go to the kitchen and make a two-egg omelette for Maires and me. With two pieces of toast. One plate, two sets of knives and forks. And two glasses of OJ. You are not allowed to have food or drink yourself. You’re not to sneak a drink or, I don’t know, a biscuit. Nothing for you.”

Her face became very serious. She thought that idea, especially the words “nothing for you”, was hot.”Yes, Master. May scallop leave the room?”

“You’ve been given an order, scallop. Try to use your brains. Hurry up!”

“Yes, Master.” Stephanie turned, hands still on her head, and opened the door, which was slightly ajar, with her foot. She left. Shortly I heard cupboard draws and the fridge opening and the start of food-assembly noises.

Maires looked at me, still undulating on my thigh. “Are you going to fuck Stephanie – I mean Scallop – again tonight?”


“Is she going to be allowed to come?”


She paused, then pressed against me harder. “God. She’ll feel that worse than the cane. Or the crop. Are you punishing her?”


“You think this is what she wants. I couldn’t stand being ignored. You’re being cruel.”

“Thank you! She’s a different kind of submissive from you. You, you like surrendering, you like some carefully applied pain, and you like to serve.”

“Get all that in one package, and I’ll call him Master.”

“I’m very, very lucky and happy to have you, But she needs something different.”

“I can feel it. When I rode her and made her do me in the bathroom, I was playing. At least I still had the part of my mind that watches and makes sure everything’s safe. But she was a hundred per cent into it; she didn’t hold anything back. She really does want to be your possession. And mine too.”

Having said that she sped up. Her face took on an expression I knew: she was close to coming. I said, “This is a longer-term game, and I’ll need your help. But until tomorrow evening Stephanie is nothing, nothing to you or me except a useful slave. Then we’re going to take her really hard, and she’ll scream the house down when she comes.”

Maires grinned then. “I suppose she’s a lucky girl then, even if I’d go mental if you treated me like that. What do I do to help, Master?”

“You don’t touch her. No punishment, no pleasure, no affection. Keep your hands off her. But you can use her like a slightly useful, not at all sexy robot. If you’re reading, you tell her to come and turn the page for you; things like that. In the morning you’ll tell her to scrub the bathroom, from floor to ceiling.”

“Then I have to find something she did wrong? So I can punish her?”

“It doesn’t have to be fair. Just tell her it’s not good enough. Then cane her till she cries, and a bit more after that.”

She nodded thoughtfully.

“Not fucking her after I punish her: that’s going to be hard. Scallop gets so yummy, just so turned on and confused and hot when she takes discipline. But then I’m the shallow slavegirl; she’s the deep one. After I’ve caned her I unleash her on the kitchen, right?”

“Yes. I’ll set her some tasks too. But she also has to spend some time just watching us have fun, without being allowed to join in. Then at seven we lovebomb her. Lots of love and fucks. And we can tell her the truth about how wonderful we think she is.”

Maires, still using my thigh as her sex toy, stared into my eyes, puzzled at first, but her expression slowly cleared. “Did you plan everything with me like that?”

“I had to get an idea of what you like first. But pretty much. Yes.”

“God.” Then she closed her eyes. Her pussy pressed hard on my leg, and she stopped moving. Her knees and feet were in the air. her hands clutched my shoulder while she lifted her face and upper body. She yowled into the air, then said, “god. Fuck. Thank you, Master.”

There was an oddly flat sound at the door, as if Stephanie was using an object to knock on the door. “Master? Mistress? May scallop enter the room?”

I said, as if I was angry, “You were told to bring us food, scallop. Can you do that without coming in?”

“Of course not, Master. Sorry, Master.”

“Stupid girl.”

The door opened, and scallop – I suppose I should call her that when she really isn’t being Stephanie – entered, with an omelette place, glasses, knives and forks on a tray. I bit back the urge to smile or tell her she was a good girl. “Put the tray on the bed, scallop.”

“Yes, Master.” She put the tray down and looked at me, hoping for praise. Or punishment. Both would be welcome.

“Get down on all fours, scallop. Hands and knees. Keep your back straight. Don’t move.”

Her eyes showed that she’d worked out that she was about to be our table. “Yes, Master.” She dropped to the floor, and presented her back as a slightly curved but, after adjustment, essentially horizontal surface.

Scallop’s bottom and legs were red, with stripes from cane and crop emerging from the generalised blotch left by her spankings. Some of the riding crop stripes Maires had applied to her legs while the two girls were playing horsey would probably bruise. But she was beautiful furniture.

Maires left the bed and picked up the tray. She set the dinner things out on scallop’s presented back. I nodded at her, and she sat herself cross-legged at scallop’s side, facing me.

She touched nothing, not food and not scallop. She said, “Dinner is served, Master.”

Bedroom Eyes 31

I entered Maires’s ass, easily. Maires was turned on and relaxed, and Stephanie was trying to show she was a good girl: told to lubricate Maires’s ass, she’d been diligent. I pressed forward, less abrupt than I sometimes am. I was in a gentle, loving mood.

Maires usually prefers me to be a Dom who makes things happen, and if some of them hurt, that’s more than OK. Steph also seemed to prefer me to be a hard man, not just in terms of my cock, but in my conduct towards her.

Being loving was self-indulgence, and too much would make them both unhappy.

So gentleness is not an unmixed blessing, but I felt loving towards them both. Slowly and reprehensibly gently I fucked Maires’s ass, my hands on hers as she grabbed a handful of the bottom sheet and some mattress protector, my cock hard but moving comfortably, I hoped comfortingly, in her rectum. 

Maires put her calves and ankles on mine as I buggered her, so I knew she was starting to feel the emotion behind this. I kissed her shoulderblade, and reached back and smacked the side of her ass, so that she could know all was well in the world. We moved together after that, Maires tightening her rectal muscles as I withdrew and relaxing as I pushed forward. I’d trained her to do that, long ago, with a lot of use of the riding crop and cane, but she knew what was right, now. We made love.

Stephanie watched us fucking. I’m sure she desired us both, and we made a stirring, hot, sight: a gentle, sensual buttfuck. But she was left out.

This was an odd thing. I wanted her to feel excluded and only a spectator to pleasure, because I believed she would discover that that sensation confirmed her deeply enslaved status, and therefore it’d be sexual for her.

That was my goal, but doing that sort of thing is always a risk. I desperately didn’t want to make her genuinely unhappy. I just wanted her to find an even deeper level of submission to fall into and occupy.

Ignoring Stephanie’s sexual wants was my way of giving her love. I don’t say that to make excuses: it was what I hoped I was doing, and that she’d take pleasure in. She’d showed herself to be more deeply submissive than Maires was, and I was trying to make her happy by putting her in a position that objectively seemed miserable. BDSM is about emotion, and it’s rarely simple.

Maires said, “Fuck, fuck me, fuck,” low and gutteral in her throat. In answer I smacked her again, harder, and sped up. Now we were fucking like a Master and slave, faster, and she began to squeal, while I made deeper, bear-growl noises.

Maires gasped, “Can I come, Master?”, and I shook my head, then remembered to say no.

Eventually, when I was ready to come in her, I said, “Yes, girl: now!” and she was wailing, beautiful and distraught, before I’d come.

Afterwards we were both out of breath, and Maires rolled onto her side, dislodging me. She was still puffing when she said, “I really want your cock, Master. Can I have your cock in my mouth?”

I said, “Jesus, Maires. I mean, yes, but I doubt if I’ll be up again for …”

Then I remembered Stephanie. I was being cruel to Stephanie, and I hoped she was enjoying that, even though I wasn’t touching her. I said, “Scallop.” That was her new slavename, given her no more than half an hour ago.

“Yes, Master?”

“Your Mistress wants to suck my cock. So clean my cock first, Scallop. Warm wet cloth. Fast!”

“Of course, Master!” She meant, I can do so much more than that: why don’t you tell me to? But she hurried to the bathroom, Maires and I both watching her cane-striped bottom as she moved.

Maires put her hand on Stephanie’s face when she returned, rubbing my cock with the toweling cloth in a way she hoped I might find worth my attention. When she’d finished the cleaning part of her task, though she showed no desire to stop, I knocked Maires’s hand away and said, “Back to your place, Scallop.”

She was disappointed, I knew, but she obeyed. “Yes, Master.” She stood alone, naked, legs parted, hands on head. Of course she was beautiful, and Maires and I were both in love with her. But Maires had begun to understand what I was doing. She ignored Stephanie, and lowered her head to take me in her mouth.

Two lovers made love. Stephanie, the third, stood apart, alone. Neglected, though she was the centre of my attention and perhaps Maires’s. I had to take it on faith that this was hot for her.

But her ordeal would have to last a while yet.

Bedroom Eyes 30

I said, “Good.” Stephanie was still breathing hard from my fingers in and then clasping her cunt. I hadn’t been trying to give her pleasure, but she was in a state where it would be impossible for her to take any contact as anything but sexual, and welcome. “There’s something else you need to learn.

“Yes, Master?”

Maires had shown me that Stephanie wanted to go much further and deeper into submission that Maires wanted, or I had expected from her. So it was my job to help her drop. “You’re not to call yourself Stephanie any more. Understand?”

She was puzzled. “Yes, Master?”

“I’m going to name you after your cunt. That’s the most interesting thing about you, little slave, so it can be the whole of your new identity.” I slipped a forefinger into that interesting organ and said, “Tighten. Hard as you can.”

“Yes, Master.”

She obeyed as best she could. I said, “Reasonable control. I’m sure we’ll teach you better in future. Nicely wet, as you’d expect from a worthless girl who needs whipping. But you’ll get the whipping you need often, won’t you?”

“Stephanie was pleased to be promised that. “Yes, Master.”

Often. I promise you. Your vaginal muscles are strong, though your Master and Mistress, we’ll both train them. So … we’ll call you -“

From the wall Maires said, “Permission to speak, Master?”

“Denied, Maires. If I want to hear from you I’ll ask you to speak. If I have to tell you that again, you’ll find your arse matching this slave’s.” Maires closed her eyes. Then she nodded.

This was to happen without her input, as so much of what she’;d done with Stephanie had happened without mine. I turned my attention back to Stephanie, and smacked her cunt hard with the tip of the crop. She gasped, but did not speak.

“Yes. Your name is Scallop. You’re named after your cunt. From now on, with Maires or me, you will call yourself only Scallop. Not ‘Stephanie’, obviously, but no ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘mine’ either. In your mind you are Scallop, when you’re with either of us. You use that name and no other, and no pronouns. Understood?”

“Yes, Master. Scallop understands.”

I wanted to smile, hug her and tell her she was good, and beautiful, and loved. But I knew that would break a spell, and this spell shouldn’t break: not for Stephanie.

“Good. You can be Stephanie in company. But if I hear any name but Scallop from you when we’re together, you’ll find that Maires has quite a gentle touch with the riding crop, compared to your Master.”

Wide-eyed, Stephanie nodded. “Yes Master. I am Scallop.” Then she looked shocked and put her hands to her mouth, hoping to take those words back. “Scallop is sorry, Master. Scallop meant, Scallop knows her name. It’s a good name, if Scallop is allowed to say so.”

I took her nipple and pinched it until pain showed in her face. “Maires?”

“Yes, Master?”

“Give Scallop six of the best. With the cane, please.”

Maires came away from the wall and took the cane from its place on the bed. She looked at Stephanie. “Scallop, you know what to do.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Stephanie turned so her back was to me, and bent over, grabbing her ankles.

“Sorry, Scallop, that won’t do. From now on, when you bend over for punishment you touch your toes.”

Stephanie had to grunt and bend her knees very slightly to adopt the required position. I said, “You’ll practice every day till you can do that properly.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Maires.” Maires applied the cane hard, and drew a loud squealing cry from Stephanie with every stroke. When the punishment was delivered I said, “Scallop, that wasn’t a punishment, it was just a warning. You don’t have the right to use your old name, or pronouns with us. Don’t get that wrong again, or it’ll be me who deals with it.”

“No, Master.” A tear, shed during her caning, had reached her lip and she caught it with her tongue. “Thank you for my lesson, Master and Mistress.”

It was hard not saying she was a good girl. But I said, “Put the cane in the wardrobe, Scallop, and bring me the lube. I’m going to buttfuck your Mistress. Would you like to watch?”

For the first time since she’d crawled into the room she smiled. “Yes please, Master.”

Maires grinned. “You’d rather get buttfucked yourself, wouldn’t you, little Scallop?”

Stephanie had to think. This was a complicated sentence, with many chances to accidentally use a forbidden word. “Scallop would like Scallop’s Master’s cock, wherever he wants to put it. In Scallop. Up Scallop’s arse would be … Yes, please.”

I said, “From now on you only get pleasure when you’ve deserved it, Scallop. So you may have to wait.”

“Yes, Master. Scallop understands.”

“But Maires, hands and knees on the bed. Scallop, lube your Mistress. Thoroughly.”

So Maires took her place, aiming her ass at me, and made a sound that was almost like purring as Stephanie squeezed out lube and worked it inside her rectum, coating those muscles thoroughly, over and again.

“All right, Scallop. Step back a metre, and you’re not to touch yourself. In fact, hands on head.”

“Yes, Master.”

I crawled forward on the bed, cock pointing at Maires’s arse. I put my hand on her hip.

[To be continued]


Book covers, one censored and one – I hope – not

I’ve just tried to get an erotic book published. It uses some material taken from this blog, but goes on to turn a short story into a whoie novel.

Anyway, it’s just been rejected for publication, because the cover is too sexy. Here’s the original cover I provided.

So I got rid of the bumcrack, and that nice blush on her bottom where I’d spanked her, and came up with this more demure image.

So wish me luck!